Organized Fishing Trips

For all passionate fishermen and those who will become one.
Children and adults, men and women – everyone enjoys it equally.
There is no gauge that can show the amount of joy a man takes in the primal act of fishing and the moment a fish is caught, be it small or large.
We see it on your faces and that feeling is confirmation for us that we are doing the right thing in a good way.
And if, along with fishing, you want to stop at one of the secluded beaches and swim and sunbathe, just say so. Any combination that pleases you, pleases us too!
Because fishing is a really special combination of concentration, joy, companionship, and a little adventure!
For fishing trips with the guidance of a top-level fisherman.
It is an experience that cannot be described in words.



Hunting for smaller bluefish (bluefish, sharun, bream, etc.) 300 € – 370 €
Panula (hunting with a live sea urchin) 300 € – 450 €
Big game fishing 600 €

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